Sinus Sand Compress Pad & Blanket


DryLand Health compress pads are ideal for a range of applications and help bring comforting relief for sinuses, inflammation, infection, headache, eye strain, congestion, polyps, and much more.


A compress is a soft, cloth pad used to provide pressure or to supply moisture, cold or heat to a designated area. DryLand Health compress pads can be used to help soothe injuries and inflammation and allow the body to focus on healing by bringing blood to the area when it is applied hot. When the compress is applied cold it encourages blood to return from the affected area.

Includes The Following:

  • A Compress Pad:
    • Ideal for sinus applications, but can be used for other areas of the body.
    • Filled with Sand.
    • 100% cotton flannel.
    • Dimensions: 9.5″ x 6.5″.
  • A Wool Blanket:
    • The accompanied blanket is used to cover the pads to prevent burns and preserve heat. It also helps to preserve the pads longer.
    • 100% green wool flannel.
    • Heavy quality and construction.
    • Dimensions: 20″ x 11.5″.


  • Apply no for more than 15 minutes per application but be mindful that the face is more sensitive. Therefore use with great caution.

Warning: Be aware that the heated pads can burn so pleasre take all necessary precautions. Use heat tolerants gloves when handling heated pads.


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